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The importance of annual testing…. and with Hear Here it’s FREE!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Although hearing aids are typically more expensive than glasses, what happens when your eyesight deteriorates to the point where your prescription changes? Theoretically, you can put new lenses into old frames… but in reality, does that ever actually happen? Instead you usually end up buying new glasses.

That doesn’t have to be the case with digital hearing aids.

One of the benefits of digital technology is that the settings are not fixed in time, so digital hearing aids can be re-programmed over and over again. That’s why your hearing should be re-tested on an annual basis, so that if your hearing changes at all, your hearing aids can be re-programmed to your new ‘prescription’, and you don’t have to live your life wearing hearing aids that are out of date.

At Hear Here, we re-test FREE of charge every year. If we find that your hearing changes and your hearing aids require re-programming; then that is also FREE!

Why would we do this?

Firstly, because it’s quite simply the right thing to do. If you are willing to trust us with something as valuable as your hearing, and you pay us to help look after it, then we should be prepared to commit to care and service, not just for now but for as long as you have the hearing aids you bought from us.

Secondly, it’s good business practice. If we take care of all our patients and deliver on the commitment to look after your hearing by re-testing and re-programming every year, then you are far more likely to recommend us to family and friends. That means the cost of us doing this is then offset by the fact that we need to advertise less to generate new business. That way our business overheads are lower, and we can keep our prices lower too. That way, we both win!

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