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Which hearing aid is best?

This is a question that many hearing aids wearers ask, and you’ll get a lot of different answers depending on who you ask:

Boots staff will tell you it’s the Phonak Marvel; could that advice be influenced by Boots Hearing being half-owned by Sonova, the company that owns Phonak?

Hidden Hearing employees will say it’s the Oticon More. Hardly a surprise when you learn that they are wholly owned by WDH, the company that owns Oticon.

Amplifon representatives will tell you it’s the Resound One... for now anyway. Expect that to change since Amplifon’s Scottish business has just been sold to Hidden Hearing.

The truth is that they are all exceptionally good hearing aids, all with their own unique strengths and capabilities, and for the vast majority of people with a gradual deterioration in their hearing all of them are likely to help you hear better.

It’s also true that, like most things in life, those unique strengths are only beneficial if they are helpful to the individual hearing aid wearer.

How the technology present in each instrument suits your lifestyle should be a big factor in determining which hearing aids are most appropriate for you, not which hearing aid manufacturer owns which retailer!

This is why, in addition to a thorough diagnostic assessment, we ask lifestyle questions to assess which technologies will work best for you. Thanks to our independence, we aren’t tied to any manufacturer, so you can have confidence that our advice is based on you, not on any parent company’s desire to sell you what may be most profitable to them.

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