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 Do you suffer with:

  • Dull hearing?

  • Blocked ears?

  • Itching?

  • Ringing in your ears

These problems could be caused by excess wax.




We can remove earwax using the safest, most effective procedure for wax removal - a process clinically safer than 'syringing'.

We also do this where you are most comfortable - at home. 

Prices are from £70 for one ear 

 £90 for two (within Edinburgh)

What is earwax?




Earwax is a naturally occurring substance produced by the ceruminous glands of the outer ear.


It plays an important role in protecting the fragile skin of the ear canal, helps to maintain a constant temperature and humidity, assists in cleaning and lubrication, and provides protection against bacterial and fungal infections.

Excessive or compacted ear wax can cause problems though, including but not limited to hearing loss, dizziness and pain. In some cases, ear wax can also hide chronic complications such as cholesteatoma, perforations and polyps; therefore, safe removal is recommended.

There are various methods for dealing with excessive ear wax, however our preferred method for this is removal using micro-suction. 

What is micro-suction?

Micro-suction is an ear wax removal procedure where the wax is removed from the ear under a microscope.


Unlike 'syringing' it is done safely, fully observed through a microscope, which is used to directly visualise the ear wax while it is being removed using gentle suction with a low-pressure suction machine and a fine sterile probe. Occasionally, an ENT instrument called a ‘jobson horn’ will be used for the final removal of particularly large plugs.

The procedure is performed using high powered, portable magnifying glasses with a bright light attached, known as loupes. These provide stereoscopic vision to aid depth perception and leave both hands free to work, with one hand holding a ‘speculum’ in place which keeps the ear canal open and allows the practitioner to work to the correct depth and the other holding the suction probe.

The procedure typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes to perform, although this can vary depending on the amount and type of ear wax, the depth of the wax and how impacted it is.

The patient remains in a seated position throughout.

Unlike old-fashioned syringing or irrigation methods, where ear wax is flushed out ‘blindly’, with micro-suction the ear wax is being directly visualised while being removed. This makes the procedure quicker, safer and more comfortable for the patient.

Prices start from £70 for one ear, £90 for two, within the city boundary.


East/West & Midlothian, please contact us for a quote, including your postcode and availability.    


Benefits of micro-suction:

Micro-suction is widely considered to be the safest procedure for ear wax removal. Benefits include:

  • Clear view of the ear canal throughout the procedure, unlike syringing in the past.  

  • Ear drops not always required (although the use of olive oil will typically reduce the amount of time the procedure takes)

  • Procedure is dry which reduces the risk of infection.

  • Can also remove foreign objects stuck in the ear canal

  • Less risk of vertigo

  • Can be performed when perforations, grommets, mastoid cavities or cleft palates are present

  • Recommended by ENT Consultants if ears have previously had surgery

Start the journey to
better hearing today!

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