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Audiology at home – great concept and service.


If you need help with your hearing, look no further than Mark from Hear Here Scotland.

I have severe mobility issues after a stroke in my 40s, which I felt had affected my hearing, and I found myself constantly asking my husband to repeat things. I could sense his impatience so much that I had even started pretending I had heard him. The pressure of that was horrible. 

I’d waited for 2 years for an NHS test, then tried a shop in town,  and then my friend’s mum told me about Mark and I am so glad she did.  Not only did he come to me at home which was so much easier than having to drag myself to the hospital/into town, and the reassurance he offered was great. I had had my hearing tested, just the week before, and when mentioned I this to Mark the first question he asked when he looked in my ears was ‘when did you say you had your last hearing test again?’  When I told him it was the week before, he asked 'how they’d managed to get accurate test results when my ears were full of wax?

So first, he removed all the wax and I’m embarrassed to say how much there was! Dark lumps of it floating around in his suction machine. Yuck. He was very reassuring and completely unfazed by it, which gave me more confidence in his experience. Even after this alone I felt much less clogged and the ringing I’d been experiencing for months was gone too.

So to the test... I couldn’t believe how much more time he took to explain, and carry out different tests compared to my previous experiences. He seemed to care about me as a person, asking about my lifestyle & needs and even talking me out of higher priced hearing aids, because they’d be ‘a sledgehammer to crack a nut’. He even let me keep the trial ones for a week before I made a decision, which was great considering it meant an extra visit and a fair amount of trust. He also said he'd let me try more than one type if I wanted.  I honestly felt I didn’t need to.

In the end I bought mid-priced aids which were from exactly the same manufacturer as I’d been offered by the shop in town, but at £800 less. Not only was this a brilliant saving, three months on, he’s been back to see me twice more, just to make sure I was getting maximum benefit.  He even connected up my iphone and took time to explain how it all worked so I could answer that in my hearing aid, which is just great.  If you’re nervous or putting off that test, please don’t wait. Mark already feels like a friend and we both look forward to his visits. 

Patricia, East Lothian

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