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The BEST hearing care – and local too

I have had many years experience with the city’s Hearing Aid companies, and it’s fair to say it’s been a very mixed bag. But Mr Coyle, Head Audiologist with Hear Here, was completely different. He has restored my faith in the industry.

A friendly character, who put me at my ease straight away with his welcoming manner. I already have hearing aids, one NHS, one not, which I’ve not been terribly happy with, and I also knew I had wax in my ears, which the Royal Infirmary wouldn’t remove at my last visit.

Mr Coyle examined me and let me see the wax on his fancy camera and computer. It was amazing. Like a sci-fi movie. He then cleared it all out for me – and hey presto, I was alive again! More thorough than any hearing test I’ve ever had. He even invited me back the next week to have my one Private hearing aid reset – FREE of charge (after he contacted the manufacturer to get the correct updates.)

Wow. What service. What a gentleman. I would highly recommend this local business.


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