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Having experienced hearing tests by a ‘National High Street Store’, I found the emphasis was more about promoting sales than providing the most appropriate solution to my hearing problem!  

Later I met Mark Coyle at the home of an elderly neighbours.. I asked Mark about benefits in relation to cost. He provided an in-depth explanation of the test results and his recommendations for her specific needs.  After supplying new hearing aids to my neighbour, Mark has kept in touch and made home visits to ensure that the hearing aids continue to provide maximum benefit.

Subsequently, Mark has supplied me with my first hearing aids. This followed a home test, a full evaluation, sample hearing aid and trial. The hearing aids are comfortable, discreet and provide totally natural sound replacing what had been gradually lost over many years. I am now more confident in group conversation with less distraction by background noise and can understand those TV actors who previously ‘mumbled’! Also, as the hearing aids have ‘Bluetooth’, I have the added bonus of listening to my favourite music from my mobile phone. 

I would thoroughly recommend Mark Coyle for his very professional and caring service.

Eric, Edinburgh

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