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Thoroughly professional and caring hearing practitioner.


If you are looking for a thoroughly professional and caring hearing practitioner then look no further than Mark at ‘Hear Here’. I cannot speak highly enough about Mark who was introduced to me by a member of my family after learning that I was struggling with my NHS hearing aids. She was full of praise of the service he had provided. She had only recently purchased her own hearing aids from Mark and was confident that he would be able to improve my hearing.


Mark arrived at my home as arranged and he quickly put me at ease. He made no false promises, told me to take as much time as I required and that I was under no obligation to purchase any of his products unless I was 100% happy.


After the results of my hearing test Mark tried a number of different types of hearing aids until he fitted one which seemed to work well. After weeks and months of return visits, adjustments and providing additional support equipment to work with the hearing aids it became apparent that they were not right for me. He was disappointed, as I was but we parted company. No fees at all despite him having spent a huge number of hours and expertise without success.


Due to family circumstances, I was not in a position to pursue my hearing problem any further but after several weeks I got in touch with Mark and he was delighted to tell me of several other products which he had been researching to help improve my hearing loss. In his words he said “I like a challenge’ and after another home visit he eventually provided me with hearing aids which I was happy to purchase and work well for me and at a good price.


Mark is a friendly amiable character and always available for advice and assistance and during the pandemic went out of his way to provide continued good service in line with restrictions. You will not regret booking your first consultation when your journey to better hearing will begin.


Allan, North Edinburgh

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